Thousands of people across America have discovered that yesRX is one of the safest and most secure ways of obtaining prescription medications online. We offer FDA-approved medications like Tramadol, Ultram, and Fioricet, along with many other well-known medications through our website. Your order will be sent from a licensed and registered pharmacy here in the United States, and will be shipped directly to your home via UPS or Fedex. During the checkout process, we will ask you to fill out a brief online questionnaire concerning your prescription and other needs. Our licensed physician reviews these answers and will write an appropriate prescription for the medication you requested. Because we value our customers' health and safety as our absolute highest priority, our physician will only grant a prescription if it is suitable and safe for you; we do not simply hand out medications to whoever wants them. Since our beginnings in 2004, yesRX has filled tens of thousands of orders for people who want to order Tramadol and other well-known medications.

Submit Your Order Risk-Free With the C.O.D. Payment System

It can often be difficult to place your fist prescription order, since it's hard to know just who you can trust with your medication needs. Unfortunately, many shady businesses hide behind the anonymity that the Internet provides, which makes it very easy for scammers to make fake websites and steal your financial information. Even worse, many people don't know that they've been scammed until it's too late. provides a solution to that problem with our C.O.D. (Cash-On-Delivery) option. While the vast majority of businesses have done away with this payment method because it's too risky, we have taken all the risk because we value your safety and privacy. When you order through our website or over the phone, you have the option of withholding your payment until the medication is in your hand at the door. The delivery driver will collect the payment from you on behalf of yesRX. This option removes the risk from you completely! While we guarantee that our deliveries will always be on time, you don't have to pay anything in the rare event that the medication doesn't come.

Overnight Shipping of Legitimate and FDA-Approved Medications

While our competitors are content to work with less reputable partners for the sake of saving money, yesRX only works with a trusted and well-known network of licensed pharmacies in the USA. What this means for you is that the medication you receive from us is guaranteed to be legitimate, USA-sourced, and 100% genuine. Our commitment to you is reflected in our choice of business practices. Have you ever seen a pharmacy that offers low prices, but takes 10-20 days to ship the product? This is a big red flag that that place is getting its medication from outside the United States. It therefore means that the medication is not safe or approved by the FDA.

Even though it's easier on your wallet, ordering cheap and inferior products from foreign locations is the worst decision for your health that you could make. All orders from are sent with overnight shipping. We are able to ship overnight because our products are from registered pharmacies in the United States, not from somewhere halfway across the world. When you order your medication from yesRX, it means that you'll get the same high quality customer service that you would find at the local pharmacy. YesRX is just as trustworthy as a local drug store, and we're faster and more convenient to boot!

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  • Happy yesRX Customer Jay Jones
    31 Years Old
    New York
    United States (USA) Just a quick message to let you guys know my order arrived with FedEx in less than 24 hours. Thank you very much for your excellent service.

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